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Document Schema

The document schema used for SciFlow is based on the ProseMirror Schema definition outlined here. It defines block and inline level nodes that may be part of the document.

Meta data

The document itself may require more metadata (like authors and affiliations or figures) which are kept in a separate data structure. The entire format is described in the SFManuscriptFile

To understand the schema being used here better, the ProseMirror schema guide is a good primer.

An example document with a single heading and paragraph will look like this:

    type: 'doc',
    content: [
            type: 'heading',
            attrs: { level: 1 },
            content: [ { type: 'text', text: 'A heading 1' } ]
            type: 'paragraph',
            content: [ { type: 'text', text: 'Some text.' } ]

It uses the types (also found in the SFNodeTypes) defined in the ProseMirror schema, and will be stored as document inside the SFManuscriptFile.

For an example of how to transform a document into an export format, see the defaultHTMLTemplate